Hotel Transit - Homes on the move

Tandem Methods-in-action: Dugnad, a Design Thinking Exercise

In this video, we discover the Tandem project "Hotel Transit-Homes on the move" that creates a new open-source model building on the resilience of urban communities on the move, while serving as powerful tool to influence advocacy by“humanizing” and “empathizing” policies and decision-making processes directed at migrants and people in transit. Matina Magkou (Ohi Pezoume NPO - UrbanDig Project, Athens) and Yanina Taneva (Ideas Factory Association, Sofia) tell us how the Tandem method Dugnad was appropriate for their work.

I was in charge of documenting the Tandem Europe programme 2015-2017 and developed the series ‘Methods-in-action’ that shows how Tandem participants use the methods and how it supported their partnership.